2 March 2018

Creating A Schedule

The toughest thing that I’ve come across when planning out a marketing campaign is figuring out the content to post. Do I send out a picture? Write a text post? Both? How should I promote content on other sites? How should I interact with others as Gwamm? For all of these things I’ve found the easiest thing to do is to create a more detailed schedule.

Rather than just merely stating the dates to post on and site with which to promote the content, this week I added identifying specific content to post on what day and what site. The result was being able to create content much more smoothly. Previously each day was a mini challenge of panicking to figure out what to post. With a more detailed schedule this anxiety is toned down. I need to simply create the content I specified at the beginning of the week. (I create the schedule when I send out our weekly blog posts)

I feel that the biggest hole this has right now is efficient analysis of how effective my content is. Does one type of content work better on one platform compared to the other? Should I be posting things at different times? However, with this new schedule I feel like there’s more opportunity to find these things out. Along these lines, I can build out the posts based on the development blog that we are posting. Thus, I’ll be able to mess around with what type of content goes where, and work to increase the effectiveness of our social media pages.

Thank you for reading!

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